What makes us Irish?

“Our Irish Cousins” is an exploration of the Irish American experience. A journey that began when writer Mike Houlihan launched the promotional tour for his book, “Hooliganism” back in November of 2008. The book is an anthology of Mike’s best columns from the Irish American News, Chicago Tribune Magazine, and Chicago Public Radio for the last 15 years.

As we screened footage of the events, we discovered a larger issue emerging with this documentary film. What makes us Irish? What is the source of the immense pride felt by this ethnic group? What are the differences and similarities among the people of Ireland and Irish-Americans? Our Irish Cousins takes our audience on the enlightening exploration of our heritage and we find that making your Celtic connection is a bit like hitting the lottery; you suddenly realize you are heir to a vast and timeless legacy of character, perseverance, and joyful delight in just being alive.

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